The Cargill underground mine at Avery Island produces rock salt for deicing throughout the Midwest.

AMS, a mining services company,  has been providing the mine with contract labor and construction services for several years. Our production labor force is involved with production drilling, blasting, hauling, and conveying the salt from the face to the hoisting shaft. Our maintenance labor force is servicing the mobile equipment, crushers, conveyors, and ventilation system. AMS has a crew installing ground support and high-scaling throughout the levels of the mine.

When special mechanical or civil construction projects have been necessary, AMS has brought in teams of designers and other specialists to assess the sites, draft a solution, and install the necessary structure and equipment to meet the needs of the mine. Often the special projects require the mine to be shut down in part, or in entirety, to bring a new system on line or modify something in place. AMS is working closely with the mine management to submit detailed work plans and even hour-by-hour schedules to ensure that all work is completed in the allotted time to get the mine back online.

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  • July 2017
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