AMS has been awarded Fort Dodge Wall Structure Solicitation

Martin Marietta has awarded AMS with the Fort Dodge Wall Structure solicitation, in Iowa. The scope of work will be on the outer part of the mine entrance decline, which includes pouring a concrete footer, setting large structural steel that will be tied back to the existing decline wall, and then forming the structural steel and pouring concrete into the voided area. This design will stabilize the deteriorating outer decline wall.

Longmont Completes Dam Outlet Work in Button Rock Preserve

American Mine Services is working with the City of Longmont On Button Rock Dam. Longmont has substantially completed repairs to a water-flow-regulating outlet gate at Button Rock Dam in the Button Rock Preserve west of Lyons.

AMS is subcontracting to Deere and Ault for the City of Longmont on Button Creek Dam Repairs

AMS is Working at Cargill Salt Mines

AMS Awared Salt Mine Projects for Cargill

American Mine Services Back in Operation