Industrial Construction Contractor

The three main construction sectors in the industry are residential, commercial, and industrial. These are further categorized into more project types with different regulations, planning needs, construction processes, and skill requirements. 

While it’s easy to consider commercial building projects as large-scale jobs, industrial construction is on another level regarding size and scope. Building and maintaining structures of power plants, factories, or dams require huge undertaking designs and installations by professionals with exceptional levels of expertise across a variety of fields. 

For successful industrial projects, many prime factors must be in place, and the industrial construction contractor influences the outcome. That said, the industrial construction contractor employs his construction capabilities in handling the project’s quality, budget, and timeframe.

Industrial Construction Contractor

What is an Industrial Construction Contractor?

With industrial construction dealing with power plants, factories, dams, warehouses, and other highly specialized facilities, the industrial construction contractor is the organization that manages and oversees every aspect of the construction. This may include repairs,  maintenance, relocation, installation, repurposing, demolition, and renovations of the structural and mechanical components of the facilities.

Industrial buildings are to meet industry-specific regulations and support heavy equipment. Therefore, the focus is on functionality above style. Designing large-scale structures of this caliber revolves around laying a floor plan to get permits and maintain the project budget while coordinating with subcontractors. Industrial construction covers many industries, from dams to manufacturing plants, so it’s non-negotiable to employ the right industrial construction contractor. 

Things to Consider when Deciding on an Industry Construction Contractor

Looking for an industrial contractor for new construction projects requires a few comparisons. It’s also a critical component in preparing to launch an infrastructure expansion. If you are looking for a dependable contractor, here are a few factors to vet before hiring. 

What is an Industrial Construction Contractor?

Experiences and Capabilities

It would be best to ask about the industrial contractor’s capabilities and self-perform experiences in the field because you must identify the specialization of the contractor you hire. American Mining Services is a self-performing contractor that handles critical construction activities with its in-house expertise.

This helps to maintain the safety and timeline of the project. Examples of our self-performing capabilities include:

  • Underground Development
  • Contract Operations and Training
  • Equipment and Facility Installation
  • Mine Rehabilitation
  • Mine Sealing
  • Drill and Blast
  • Rock Excavation
  • Ground Support
  • Tunneling
  • Highwall Work

From the management teams to the labor force and equipment required, AMS ensures the construction process at every level is under control to improve the quality and accuracy of timelines and initial estimates. Owning the equipment and taking full control of resources encourages an accelerated timeline, increased communication, improved safety, and reduced unnecessary costs. 

Relevant Industry Experience 

For assurance of an accomplished project, consider an industrial contract with a wealth of experience within your industry and their other expertise. Ask your industrial contractor about their relevant experience. With unparalleled mechanical expertise and industry-leading capabilities, American Mine Services serves the mining and construction industry and specializes in dams, piping, and hydropower. 

To achieve results in industrial contracting, we span a broad spectrum of industries and offer services, including:

Dam Services:

  • Gate Types: High-Pressure Slide, Radial, Crest, Tainter, and Miter
  • New Fabrication and Installation
  • Rehabilitation Welding and Seals
  • Electric and Hydraulic Hoist Systems

Hydropower Services:

  • Turbine Types: Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Bulb, Z-Turbine, and S-Turbine
  • New Hydro Installation
  • Hydro Rehabilitation
  • Aligning and Commissioning

Piping Services:

  • High-Pressure Hydraulics
  • Raw Water Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Steam

Quality management with valuable experience in the industry is an assurance of quality work and safe execution. Comprising a team of construction and mining industry professionals with over 200 years of combined experience, the management of AMS has records of hundreds of safe, completed, and successful projects. 

Range of delivery

Before agreeing to work with a construction company, find out the range of delivery. AMS puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of its services with clear communication from submittals to scheduling while providing professional service and focusing on long-term relationships.

Some of our delivery methods include:

  • General contracting
  • Planning and design-building
  • Training and engaging personnel in best safety practices
  • Engineering, procuring, and construction

Establishing a relationship with a full-service contracting company encourages versatility and offers more benefits.

Industrial Contractor Services at American Mining Services

AMS streamlines the construction process to reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary spending. We handle various industrial projects by providing an extensive selection of contractor services. Our capabilities include the following:

Underground Mining Development: 

Ranging from mines in the arctic to locations with active airports, mining services for all sizes of projects are one of AMS’s expertise. As your contractor, we offer personnel with a wealth of experience in mechanical and conventional excavations of shafts, tunnels, and drifts. Using NATM AND SEM techniques, we manage projects on the soft and competent ground.

Industrial Contractor Services at American Mining Services

Design and equipment installation:

Within a working facility, the equipment requires installations to serve many functions. AMS provides structural and mechanical structures of headframes, screens, hoists, crushers, air stoppings, and a lot more to enable industry professionals to have proper supporting infrastructures in the mine. 

Drill and Blast:

Excavating tunnels, foundations, blasting, and drilling require planning to ensure the safety of the personnel, structure, and equipment. AMS offers consulting and design services for effective drilling and blasting. We also provide extensive plans and walk you through the excavation cycle, including planning, drilling, loading, effective blasting, ventilating, mucking, and securing.

Mine Tunneling:

With NATM exaction techniques and monitoring programs, AMS offers services for safe and cost-effective tunnel projects. Our expertise in mining techniques for tunnel construction allows us to build tunnels 5 to 50 feet in diameter and install ground support and linings. We also provide the specialized consultations and design services you require.

Contract Operation and Training:

To counter the possible risks during industrial construction, AMS does more than provide labor and supervision to the daily operations in the mines. We also make it our responsibility to provide training and vet the competency of new workings. The specialized professionals and complete mine operating staff from AMS assist with equipment maintenance, production mining, shaft inspections, drilling, and blasting.

AMS Mine Construction Company

Now that the tunnel has been secured and is stable, you can then begin the next explosion of the process. Additional calculations and measurements must be made in order to ensure the safe and effective construction of mine tunnels. For underground mining development information go here.

AMS has over 50 years of experience in evaluating, designing, and constructing mines and tunnels for a variety of construction needs nationwide. Some projects that we’ve recently been awarded are the Crystal Creek dam improvement project and the Fort Dodge Wall structure solicitationContact us with any inquiries.