Evan Willeke


Evan has been immersed in construction since childhood. Growing up in a small farm town in Colorado gave him many opportunities to tag along with his father, who worked in various civil engineering and construction roles. Following in his father’s footsteps, Evan received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder and joined a heavy mechanical construction company. Over the course of nine years, Evan continued to earn increased responsibilities and roles, including Project Engineer, Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager, and Senior Project Manager.

After nine years, in 2019, Evan joined AMS to run his own industrial division as Vice President. Now as President at AMS, Evan not only expertly oversees the company’s operations but also continues to be involved in estimating and project management. Evan has a distinctive, fair, well-rounded point of view and is known for his strong relationships with clients and employees alike. In his spare time, Evan enjoys spending time with his daughter and going to the Eastern Plains of Colorado, where he is still active in his family’s farming operation.

Ian Ferguson

Project Manager

Ian has always been interested in construction and started his construction career ten years ago while getting his degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington. Following graduation, Ian worked for a large, heavy mechanical construction company for six years as a Project Engineer. He then came to AMS in the role of Project Manager. Among many accomplishments in his career, Ian was part of an award-winning project with the Barren Ridge Transmission Lines. Raised in Washington, Ian has also resided in California and is now in Colorado. Ian enjoys skiing, hiking, basketball, and spending time with his dogs.

Sully Nolan

Project Manager

Sully is fond of the construction industry because of its unique inherent problem-solving opportunities. Originally from Maine, Sully came to Colorado to earn his Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines. After graduation, Sully never left. As an AMS Project Manager, Sully leads and coordinates project teams to ensure the effective use of project time and resources. One of his strengths is developing interpersonal relationships that facilitate successful communication and collaboration. When he’s not managing construction projects, you can find Sully competing in freestyle skiing.

Joseph Cooper

Board Member

Joe Cooper began his career with American Mine Services in 1985, and has held various roles over the years, including President and Owner. He led American Mine Services to complete hundreds of safe and successful projects. Currently, he is contributing to the company’s success as a board member.