AMS personnel have experience in conventional and mechanical excavation of tunnels, drifts, declines, and shafts. AMS has operated under agreements requiring complete turnkey, equipment staffing, and management, to projects where AMS supplied only management, supervision, and labor. We have completed projects in soft ground/running ground using NATM and SEM techniques, as well as in competent ground with typical or modified drill and blast techniques. Our project locations have ranged from remote mines in the Arctic or Altiplano of South America to locations with active airport AOA’s.


AMS has provided labor and supervision to mines to execute the daily operations. When a mine rapidly expands operations, AMS commonly assists with shaft inspection, equipment maintenance, production mining, drilling, blasting, and belt line operation a. We can provide complete mine operating staff, labor, and supervision, or, we can provide specialized individuals to supplement the mine staff. As personnel are brought on, AMS provides training to ensure competency of new workers.


AMS has provided the equipment and handled the structural and mechanical installation of hoists, headframes, shaft guides, screens, crushers, beltlines, bulkheads, air stoppings, and fire barriers needed to support the functional infrastructure of the mine. AMS provides certain design services by in house staff as well as outside specialists.


AMS has provided experienced crews and supervision to re-enter and rehabilitate closed or abandoned mines. We have also provided emergency response services to address bad ground, noxious and harmful gases, massive or unplanned water inflows, as well as damage from accidents. AMS crews have responded to re-timber shafts, improve mine ventilation, and develop and execute ground support programs. AMS can also provide consulting and design services to support mine planning. Learn more about mine rehabilitation.


AMS has provided construction, consulting, and design services for end-of-service measures such as shaft plugs, bulkheads, flooding, and capping. We can ensure a site is rendered safe after the conclusion of production mining.